About Us

SDRC Raceway LLC is a family owned business that is a hobby for all to enjoy.

San Diego RC Raceway began as a back yard adventure in my parents back yard. They were on vacation and my wife and I were house sitting. We decided to turn their back yard into a track. Shortly after we had weekend races. I was hooked. We had so much fun I couldn’t believe there wasn’t an indoor RC track in San Diego. My wife and I wanted to create an environment that was family friendly where people could enjoy their time with one another and build lasting friendships with other hobbyist. Where parents could enjoy time with their children or grandchildren. ¬†We started in 2011 at 8725 Production Avenue, we expanded the track and took over the whole building. After being there for 4 years we moved to 8575 Production Ave. When we moved to the new building we got all new Dirt, Pit Tables, Tire Washing station. We put our all into the new facility. We hope you enjoy your time at SDRC Raceway. Thank you for your support.