13120CR 1/10 Buggy EVO Typo Rear Clay w/Insert (2)


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This is a pair of AKA 1/10 scale Rear Buggy EVO Typo Tires in Clay Compound with Red Inserts. **NOTE-The packaging and tire sidewall refer to these as** **”Slingshot.” AKA has changed the name to “Typo”** **and future shipments will have the correct name on the tire and packaging.** FEATURES: Low tread pattern and wide profile for hard packed indoor tracks High degree of balance between side and forward bite for great cornering Clay firmness compound ideal for high bite blue grooved clay tracks or indoor clay tracks INCLUDES: Two SC Typo Rear Buggy Tires in Clay Compound Two Foam Inserts REQUIRES: 1/10 scale Buggy Wheels Tire Glue, DTXR2000, DTXR2002 SPECS: Inner Diameter: 2.4″ (60.96mm) Outer Diameter: 3.1″ (80mm) Width: 1.4” (36mm)

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