8238-17 Electron 2.2″ MC OffRd Buggy Re Tires (2)


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This is a pair of Pro-Line MC (clay, firm) Electron 2.2″ Rear Buggy Tires. FEATURES: Fits the rear of 2WD 1/10 scale buggies Connected tire tread technology improves traction and wear on the most abrasive indoor track conditions Square center pins laid out between connected tread for consistent forward and side bite even during dusty conditions INCLUDES: Two MC (clay, firm) Electron 2.2″ Rear Buggy Tires Two Closed Cell Foam Inserts REQUIRES: Tire Glue, DTXR2000, DTXR2002 1/10 scale rear buggy wheels SPECS: Diameter: 3.31″ (84mm) Width: 1.63″ (42mm)

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