91366 FT Brass Bulkhead 30 Degree


This is an optional Team Associated Factory Team 30° Brass Bulkhead. This brass bulkhead for the RC10B5 and RC10B5M increase your weight configuration possibilities, adding weight to the front for more steering, or providing chassis balancing. These direct-replacement front bulkheads, sold separately, come in standard 25 degrees and 30 degrees of kickup. Use the 30-degree bulkhead for increased corner-entry steering.

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This is the optional 30° Factory Team Brass Bulkhead for the Team Associated RC10B5 and RC10B5M Buggies. FEATURES: Adds 1.6oz (45g) of weight to the front for increased corner entry steering INCLUDES: 30° Factory Team Brass Bulkhead with four Set Screws

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