91626 Team Associated Factory Team V2 Flat Mount Shock Piston (2×1.6mm)(4)


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These are the Team Associated 12mm 2×1.6mm V2 Shock Pistons. FEATURES: Machined plastic construction for precision fit and finish For the shocks used on the Team Associated B44, B44.3, GT2, Pro Rally RC10, RC10 Classic, RC10B2, B3, B4, B4.1, B4.2, B44.1, B44.2, RC10B5, RC10B5M, RC10GT, RC10T, T2, T3, T4, T4.1, T4.2 RC10SC5M and RC10T5M, SC10, SC10.2, SC10B and SC10GT INCLUDES: Four 12mm 3×1.6mm V2 Shock Pistons SPECS: Diameter: 0.47″ (12mm) Number of Holes: 2 Hole Diameter: 0.063″ (1.6mm) COMMENTS: These screw-mounted pistons are not compatible with E-clip pistons.

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