B5M 3-Gear Vented Motor Plate. Black


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The Schelle line of motor plates are designed with 4 goals.  Minimize weight, maximize airflow, maximize rigity, and look amazing. 


Every bit of unnecessary material is removed, tipping the scales at 12.95g for a B5M (vs. 14.3 for a Factory Lite and 19g for a solid kit motorplate).  The unique vent slits are machined partial depth on the back side of the motor plate to create 2 tiny slits in the plate.  These slits will keep air flowing through, and everything else outside.  100% machined to keep from warping under extreme stress and heat, the plates are finished off with a silver machined edge detail for a premium look.


  1. 12.95g for a B5M (vs. 14.3g for a Factory Lite, or 19g for a solid kit motor plate) .
  2. Vent slits machined on backside for added airflow and no pebbles.
  3. Vented motor can area for improved airflow through the motor.
  4. 100% machined with silver machined edges.
  5. Black (SCH1080) and Blue (SCH1081) anodized versions for Associated 3-Gear Factory Lite kits.

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