T-Handle Wheel Wrench, 7mm


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With the rising popularity of serrated locking wheel nuts, Schelle has answered the call of racers everywhere by introducing a new tool for installing and removing serrated wheel nuts on buggies, stadium trucks, and Short Course trucks.

Sleek and sexy, the 2-piece billet aluminum wrench feels at home in your hand, giving you plenty of leverage to easily install and remove wheel nuts. Both wrenches use an identical handle and the nut driver tips are replaceable between the 7mm and 11/32” sizes. Associated B4.2 or C4.2 buggy owners, have no fear purchasing the 11/32” wrench because you can upgrade to a 7mm driver when you get your B5 buggy!


  1. Gen2 Handle fits 10th truck and SC wheels with extra clearance.  Plenty of leverage to remove serrated locking wheel nuts.
  2. Billet aluminum, black anodized and laser etched with Schelle logo.
  3. Fits all popular brand 7mm wheel nuts.
  4. Compact design fits in your toolbox.
  5. Includes re-usable snap case with Schelle mini decal.

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